20 Yard De-Cant Tainer

 20 YD De-Cant Tainer with high dump vacuum truck. 20 YD interior without center wall. Stainless steel button head fasteners (no studs).   20 YD fill port-loading manifold, drain ports and wash-out ports with cam lock fittings and caps. Tarp crank with mounting brackets.
20 YD rear door with quick release handle, safety latch, and quick close latch. Can be open and shut with only one operator. Tarp straps and ratchets (no bungee straps). 20 YD front and rear aluminum tarp risers with built-in wind guard. Front and rear baffles. Sealed door. 20 YD interior with center wall. Stainless steel button head fasteners (no studs).

De-Cant Tainer™
Dewatering Filter Box Specifications

Construction Specifications:

  • De-Cant Tainer™ filter boxes are designed for dewatering a variety of materials, including sludge, mud, slurry, fly ash, pulp, liquid waste, sewer, septic, grease, grit, oils, chemicals, drill turnings and other materials.
  • Round bottom, bath tub and square water tight filter boxes made for every application.
  • Manufactured in several sizes from 5 to 40 yards quality filter boxes customize to your needs.
  • Optional vibrators and brackets side mounted to reduce dewatering time by as much as 50%. Power options 110-V, 220-V, air or hydraulics with or without timers (patent pending).
  • Fully welded interior seams for maximum strength.
  • Front and rear short baffles to prevent spillage (patent pending)
  • Water tight containers and fully sealed tailgate to prevent leakage with heavy duty door latches.
  • (3 OR 4) side latches with safety chain.
  • (2 OR 4) door hinges with grease fittings.
  • Rear door with quick release handle and safety latch.
  • Rear door with quick close latch (swing style only).
    Can be open and shut with only one operator.
  • (4) 8-inch wheels.
  • (1) 4-inch fill port / loading manifold front or rear mount or both (patent pending).
  • Ladders front or rear mount or both (patent pending).
  • (6) 3-inch drain ports with cam lock fittings and caps.
  • (3) trench drains (patent pending).
  • (2) 6-inch drain and wash out ports with cam lock fittings and caps provide easy cleanout (patent pending).
  • A variety of container volumes, options, colors and construction are available on all models.
  • Specifications subject to change without notice.

Paint Specifications:

  • Interior and exterior sandblasted.
  • Interior triple coal tar epoxy coated.
  • Exterior epoxy primed 2-part.
  • Exterior painted with polyurethane top coat 2-part.
    solid colors only.
  • D.O.T. safety reflective stripping on all 4 sides.
  • Safety and warning decals.

Filter Media Specifications:

  • 500 to 800 CFM filter media material.
  • Cross satin weave floor filter media material.
    (One layer only for easy cleaning).
  • Cross satin weave or open weave side, front and center filter media material (one layer only for easy cleaning).
  • Stainless steel button head fasteners. (No studs).
  • Interior hold down strips 6061 aluminum.

Tarp System Specifications:

  • Complete roll-over tarp system with (6) tarp stops.
  • Vinyl welded tarp reinforced ends.
  • (6) tarp straps and ratchets or lock plate (no bungee straps).
  • (4) fiberglass tarp bows or quick release™ complete fold away tarp bow system for easy loading (patent pending).
  • Front aluminum tarp riser with built-in wind guard.
  • Rear aluminum tarp riser.
  • Tarp crank with mounting brackets.
  • Stainless steel bolts and washers.

Notice: When the tarp is in it’s closed position with all drain ports, wash out ports, and fill ports with caps and plugs in place, the De-Cant Tainer virtually becomes air tight and odor free.


Dewatering has drastically reduced costs on disposal fees.

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