I.D.S. Enterprises, Inc. manufactures:

Dewatering Filter Boxes, Dewatering Filter Hoppers, Polymer Blending Systems, Lime Mixers Units, designed for dewatering a variety of materials, including Sewer, Septic, Brown Grease, Sludge, Mud, Slurry, Fly Ash, Liquid Waste, Food Manufacturing Waste, Pulp, Grit, Oils, Chemicals, Drill Turnings, and Other Materials.

Round Bottom, Bath Tub, And Square Water Tight Filter Boxes Made For Every Application For The Liquid Waste Industry, Municipal, Industrial, Independent and Private Water and Waste Water Treatment Plants, Sanitary, Storm And Water System Maintenance Contractors, Environmental Contractors, Gas, Oil, And Mining Contractors.

Benefits of Dewatering:

  • Diversify Your Business
  • Increase Revenue
  • Lower Investment Cost
  • Fast and Efficient Processing
  • Reduce COD. BOD. TSS.
  • Transport With a Roll-Off

Products & Services:

  • Dewatering Filter Boxes De-Cant Tainers
  • Polymer & Lime Mixer Units Skid Mounted
  • Self-Dumping Filtered De-Cant Hoppers
  • Belt Press Semi-Trailer Mounted
  • Vibrators, Tarps, Filter Media Material

It's simple: Why Settle for the Rest When You Can Own the Very Best?!

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